—01: WHAT: About The Dignity Thing

The Dignity Thing is a semi-formal NYC conference / roundtable discussion organized for artists and presenting artists’ perspective on society and the problems we are facing.

Topics:  Artistic power, social responsibility, and corporate identity.

When: September 24, 2016.

Where: The Hive NYC Address: 20 Cook Street, Brooklyn (map).

Why: Most music industry events seem to preach the world views of suits and glasses. Almost no one one there is talking about the spirit which is utterly insane if you think about what music is.

You go to yet another conference, listen to a million useless speeches about the future of music industry, sit through informercials on how to kiss up to brands, talk in sound bites, and be deliciously unoriginal–and you want to either cry or vomit. When did music and art stop to be dangerous?

Afterparty: The conference will be followed by a performance by Kristeen Young and Tessa Makes Love.

The conference is free to attend (although if you want to donate toward The Hive NYC we will love you). The suggested donation to see the performances is $15.

Organizers: Yuli Yael Beeri Yula, Jason Yellen, Tessa Lena.

—02: WHY: Music, the real thing, I almost have no words…

by Tessa Lena, co-organizer of The Dignity Thing

If you have ever read anything about “the future of the music industry”, you know all about the digital challenge, and the sea change, and the shift of focus from the experience of music (from ears to soul) to the experience of the platform (from user experience to being hooked). Oh, the tasty data!

Digital information wants to be free, right? And people want to be lazy motherfucking consumers, right? And not one fuck wants to be given about music as mystery, or about dignity of an artist. Even the famous ones are often jesters, jumping up and down for approval of the confident wallets who curate approval of the public.

And if you speak up and, God forbid, don’t sound like an enthusiastic corporate chatterbox…

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September 24 @ The Hive NYC in Brooklyn

Tessa Lena at the Hive New York